Contending For The Faith Digging Deeper

WE'RE BACK! After a long summer of ministry, we're able to get back on the mics! Today we talk about contending for the faith from the book of Jude. What does it mean? Why don't Christians generally contend for the faith? Is there a wrong way to contend for the faith? How do we regain urgency in contending for the faith? These are questions that we seek to answer in today's episode. We would love it if you would like, subscribe, and share the podcast! As always,   we'd love an honest, five-star review (we hear this helps)! Thanks for listening! 
  1. Contending For The Faith
  2. Why Preaching Matters
  3. Why Do We Sing?
  4. Call to Worship
  5. Church Matters

“Digging Deeper” is a podcast that seeks to aid the Christian’s growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Podcast episodes are typically uploaded every Monday. You can listen here, or you can check us out on your favorite podcasting platform! We pray it encourages you!

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