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Jesus vs. Politics

Every four years political talk always seem to be heightened due to the election. 2020, in my opinion, has been no different. In fact, it may be even a little more than usual because of social media. Typically, you will not see me state my political beliefs on social media and I personally do not talk about my political beliefs unless asked about or if I am with close friends and family.

However, after the debate this past week I was shocked by the comments and statements made in the debate and the comments made on social media afterwards. I feel in America we have begun to look towards political leaders as our saving grace rather than to Christ. Yes, politics are important as we live in this country while on this earth. Yes, we should be active in voting and standing up for things that go against Scripture, but we must always remember that a political leader is not going to fix sin. Only Christ can do that.

I think when it comes to politics and the world in general, there are some things we can and must remember

Everyone is a sinner. 

We are either serving God or ourselves. Political leaders are no different. It is important for us to remember that non-Christians are not going to think and act like us. They hold different standards than us. While we hold to the Word of God and seek to glorify Him daily, they live to serve themselves and do what makes them happy. Friends, we must remember that a non-believer’s separation from Christ is more essential than their differing political beliefs. Are we quicker to share the gospel with non-believers than we are to debate politics? Politics is not going to save anyone; only Christ can do that. We possess the truth that can bring someone from death to life. Why are we not quicker to spread that? 

We must also accept sin as it is. We need to recognize that racism is real, hatred is real, abortion is real, prostitution is real, etc.  Sin is real and is evident in our world. We cannot overlook sin but instead we must meet it with the gospel. Christ came and died for our sins so that we might be His. We were created to glorify Christ, not ourselves. As we are all sinful human beings, let’s not be okay with sin or make one sin bigger than the other. Sin is sin and we must address all sin with the gospel and urge unbelieving hearts to repent. 

This is not our home. 

As Christians we know that one day Christ will come for His people. We are told continually in the New Testament that this is not our home. Which home are we quicker to fight for? This world or glory? As I have previously stated, yes, we should stand for truth and fight against that which is ungodly, but we must also remember this is not our home. 

We need to remind ourselves daily who we live for and why we were created. We were created for the purpose to glorify Christ. I would encourage you to ask yourself if you are doing that today. Let’s live today with a reminder that this is not our home. While on earth lets glorify Christ in all we do and keep our eyes on Him.

Our hope can only come from Christ. 

False hope is probably one of the biggest things we see in debates and during the election time. We hear continually from candidates that if they are elected then…well you can fill in the blank. The thing is a lot of what they tell us is false hope. They want our vote. No matter who gets elected there will still be disappointment from the voters because the political leaders will not do all they say they will do. If we look to man for saving or hope we will be disappointed. As Psalm 20:7 says, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”

But God. The covenant God, the creator of all, the one who redeems His people, He keeps his promises. Every promise that was made in the Old Testament was fulfilled or will be in the consummation. He was faithful to keep his covenant promises even though the Israelites were continually unfaithful to Him. He is where true hope can be found. When darkness comes and troubles arise we can find our hope in Christ. He saved us, redeemed us, and will come back for us for eternity. 

We have been doing the New City Catechism’s with the kids for a while. The first questions asked is, “What is our only hope in life and death?” The answer: that we are not our own but belong to God.” May we live like this today. Let’s live for the world to see that our hope does not lie in a political party or a person, it is in Christ and Christ alone. 


No political office can wipe away sin and fix the issues of the world. That is a job only that Christ can do. Christians, let’s remember this during this election time. Let’s not put our hope in man, but instead point the world to the ultimate hope found in Christ. Let’s live with the mindset that this is not our home and even if this earth continues to live in sin and away from God; we know who wins the battle and who is victorious in the end. 

Soli Deo Gloria,

Courtney Chambers

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