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A Sweet Reminder from Unlikely Sources: An Encouragement to Mothers

If we read our Bible, we will come across two characters we may not easily recognize. They are Lois and Eunice. They are the mother and grandmother of Timothy. Timothy, who Paul cared for profoundly and worked alongside for the sake of the gospel. We learn very little about them in the Bible; however, we know enough to grow an appreciation for them. They are known for loving the Lord and having a sincere faith. Through their genuine faith, they brought up Timothy in the ways of the Lord. The impact they had on Timothy’s life is evident in his lifetime of ministry. Timothy had the privilege to grow up learning the gospel within the home, which impacted the rest of his life. 

Often, we read about mothers like Lois and Eunice, and we wish we were like them. We read about their love for the Lord and see the fruit of their labor in Timothy’s life. However, their lives are not much different from our own. We, too, are mothers. Just like us, Lois and Eunice probably spent their days doing the mundane within their home. Their days probably were filled with cleaning clothes, preparing and cooking food, and making sure the house was in order. Even though they lived in a different time, their lives as mothers are no different than ours. They woke up early in the mornings and spent their days serving the family. However, what they did in the mundane of life, created a legacy for Christ. In the ordinary, we too can seek to glorify Christ and train up our children in the ways of the Lord. We are no different; we, too, can create a legacy for Christ within the walls of our home.

Timothy had the privilege to grow up learning the gospel within the home, which impacted the rest of his life. 

Paul is specific in the first chapter of 2 Timothy that Timothy’s sincere faith is evident in his life, but it first began in his grandmother and mother. They were known by others for loving the Lord, and their love for the Lord bled over to Timothy. When we love the Lord so much, it will impact the mundane of life, affecting how we treat others, including our family. May our children see our love for the Lord daily. 

One way to display our sincere faith to others is to let the gospel impact us daily. From the time we wake up until we sleep, we need to be reminded of the gospel. As sinners living in a sinful world, we need our focus and strength to come from the Lord and Him alone. Our attitude and response to others change when our focus is first and foremost on Christ. Together let’s cling to the cross. Let’s find our comfort and strength from Christ alone. Here is where we are reminded that we can hand our burdens over to Christ, the one who died for us and poured out his grace and mercy on us. When we recognize this, we can pour grace to our children and have a joyful heart while knee-deep in dirty laundry and dirty dishes. 

We never are too busy to spend time with the Lord, so let’s prove that with our actions. What a sweet display for our children to see when we run to the Lord for strength in the midst of chaos. Even in our weakness and tiredness, the Lord can be glorified by us running to Him for our strength. When our children see us clinging to Christ in our day-to-day, they will see what a sweet gift salvation in Christ truly is. Living a life for Christ is one of the many ways to display the gospel to our children. 

We are commanded by Scripture to train up our children in the ways of the Lord. This command was first given to the Israelites, and this command stands true today. As Jews, Lois and Eunice knew this command, and they did it. Lois spent her days training up Eunice. And Eunice, despite being married to a Greek at that time, did the same. Training our children in the ways of the Lord can seem like a daunting task, and we often can fear being ill-equipped for the job, but let’s not let that be the case. If we are a child of God, we can teach and train our children. Open up the Word together, memorize Scripture together, and display grace and love to your children. We do not have to know Greek and Hebrew and understand every single thing in the Bible to teach our children. No, we need yearning hearts, a desire to grow in the Lord, desperation, and dependence on Christ. 

When our children see us clinging to Christ in our day-to-day, they will see what a sweet gift salvation in Christ truly is

I am incredibly thankful to see mothers in action in the Bible – Ones whose years of hard work in the home and parenting are displayed for others to see. Eunice and Lois might not have traveled much out of the city, and we might only see them mentioned twice in the Bible, but through their obedience to Christ, they pointed a young man to the Lord. Through that young man, multiple churches were formed, established, and many came to know the Lord. Their faithful obedience to Christ was evident to other believers, and it impacted Timothy and his ministry. Friends, may we be encouraged in the testimony of Eunice and Lois. Like them, we too can work for the glory of Christ within our home. We can train up our children in the ways of the Lord and display the gospel each day. 

Soli Deo Gloria,

Courtney Chambers

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