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Seeing the Gospel through the Seasons

New seasons always bring joy. I love enjoying the sun by the pool on a hot summer day or when the leaves fall, and beautiful colors are everywhere. I enjoy when snow hits the ground, and everything around is white, or when you see glimpses of new birth when winter has ended. Every season brings something new for us to embrace. While we endure each season within a year, we can be reminded of the gospel. Creation, fall, redemption, and restoration are all visible as we look upon the seasons in the year. God is not a creator or author of confusion, and as he created the world, it was created to glorify Himself and point the creation back to its creator. I want us to dive into the different seasons of the year as we ponder on the gospel and see how each season points us back to our creator. 


The season of heat, rain, vegetation, and plants thriving. The season when baby animals are thriving and growing, and it seems like all of creation is working well. Summer is what we will view as creation. Everything is good and producing what we need. We look out our window and see green grass, blue skies, and colorful flowers. Gardens are growing and full of fruits and vegetables for us to consume. We can enjoy things outside without much care, minus needing some sunscreen. Things are good, and death is unseen. 

This is similar to creation in Genesis. God created everything, and everything was good. The garden of Eden was a place that was full of food and streams of water that Adam and Eve could consume. Animals roamed and thrived amid the area, and all creation seemed to be looking upon its creator. Sin has yet to enter the world, so the world is still good; no blimp of death is seen because of this. As we are reminded in James 1, sin gives birth to death, so when sin enters, death will too. 


The season when death enters. Leaves die, and grass dies. Fruits and vegetables are being pulled from the ground as the gardens finish. Crisp air enters the earth, and the warm sun we once felt is no longer present. Hunting season begins, and animals begin to prepare for what is ahead. While we see glimpses of beauty from the leaves falling off the trees, it does not change the fact that they are dying. The beauty we see in this death is one of hope. 

If we remember in Genesis 3, sin entered the world that was good in the eyes of the creator. This sin brought death. Adam and Eve would die, animals would die, and vegetation would die. Death was a reality, but God did not leave them with a view of death and no hope. He provided them hope in Genesis 3:15. One day, a savior would come to defeat sin; one day. As I look upon the beautiful leaves in fall, I am reminded of this hope. 

Traveling to the White Mountains in New Hampshire during fall will take your breath away. It is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen. Amid a season of death, there is beauty. Beauty that is so amazing can take your breath away and bring joy into your life. This is the kind of hope we see in Genesis 3:15. A savior coming to defeat sin should take our breath away; it is something we can cling to amid death. 


Our season of waiting. The leaves have died and fallen off the trees, the life of vegetation is gone, and animals have sought warmth. It is cold and makes the outdoors less enjoyable unless you bundle up in multiple layers. The hardship of winter makes it more challenging to work. Winter will be viewed as our redemption. Jesus has defeated death, yet we are waiting for him to return. Creation is still infected with sin, so we wait. We wait for our savior to return to make things new. We endure the hardships of life knowing that one day winter will end.

Nor’easters bring lots and lots of snow. You wake up and look out your window to see a beautiful untouched white blanket of snow in your yard. Everything is white and beautiful and natural at that moment. Looking out at the new snow often would point me back to Jesus. Amid sin and death present in the world, he covered our sins. He made us white as snow despite our sins. We could do nothing to cover up the sin and death that consumed the world, but Jesus could. Just like a snowstorm that could cover up my yard with what seemed like a giant white blanket, Jesus did that for us, except his covering is eternal. 

While we sit and wait, we cling to the hope that Jesus will return because Jesus covered our sins and shame and made us white as snow. 


Hope has come! Winter ends, and new life begins. We see flowers blooming, birds chirping, and baby animals being born. I always loved walking out our doors after a long winter to feel the sun’s warmth for the first time in months. Spring is our hope because restoration has come. 

Creation is being restored; life has returned. Green leaves are growing on the trees, the grass is green again, and life is seen throughout creation. Restoration. This is the time when the creation will be restored. Spring points us to that moment. Through the death that consumed the earth, Jesus will come and fix all creation to perfection. While we endure hardships, sin, pain, and death in our fall and winter, we cling to hope each season, knowing that Jesus, our savior, will return. He will return and restore the creation to perfection. 

Throughout each season, summer, fall, winter, and spring, we can be reminded of the gospel. We can look out our window and be reminded of the hope that only comes from God. We can cling to the promises in Scripture, knowing that one-day restoration will come. Creation will be restored where there will be no more tears and pain. While we wait for our spring, we cling to the hope in Jesus. We seek the small glimpses that God’s promises are accurate and trustworthy and find joy in the moments we are blessed with. 

As you endure the seasons in the year, I pray you take the time to dwell on the gospel and look for the ultimate hope in Jesus. 

Soli Deo Gloria,

Courtney Chambers

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